Nov. 14, 2015

Monday 2nd, November.Ishiyama.

The weathermans forecast proved to be correct.....overcast with spells of rain. So, my first day of another photographic journey was blown away. For me quite depressing  After breakfast at the hotel I went through to Kyoto where I picked up a few things from the Daiso shop situated near the station. 

For those whom are unfamiliar with Daiso shops they are simply shops where much of the merchandise is sold for a dollar (USD1.00) which equates to less than 1 Euro. I normally purchase my Sudoku books and pipe cleaners from these stores. They have 1000s of items some of which arconsidering the price on their shelves. (We have 2 Daiso stores in Chiang Mai where pricing is exactly double the price ie $2.00 per item)

Rather than return to Ishiyama I thought I'd do a recce of Arashiyama to gauge the state of colours along the river bank and surrounds. Despite being a dismal day Arashiyama was teeming with tourists both Japanese and foreign. I managed to get off a few pictures under rather flat lighting conditions.